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The Full Detail

Creative Intention Studio – The Gallery is a well-equipped, modern photographic studio centrally located in Winnellie, Northern Territory. The studio and gallery It is available 7 days a week (No weekend/afterhours surcharge).

The Studio is also home to Truth Fine Art, Gallery quality Archival display printing and framing like no other. This is your true one-stop-shop for studio hire, printing and framing all conveniently under one roof.


Our resident Professional Photographer is also available for training or for assisted shoots (charged per hour or per shoot)

If you are a professional or amateur photographer interested in studio hire for portraiture, product or professional development, and Fine Art printing this is for you. Long term hire is available at discounted rates.

This space is suitable for Fashion, Corporate and Family Portraiture, Product & Still Life Photography or Video

Why do you need a studio?
As a photographer, the world is your studio, but after a while you may get tired of having to juggle with the sun and weather. That’s when you know it’s time to work in an area where you can control the environment. And finish the job on time, with a more refined look.

For the more casual photographer, using a studio is the best way to learn how to work with and control your lighting and subject. And of course, our talented and well-versed professional trainer is at your disposal if required.

You will be able to control the environment to a much greater degree than if you were outside. Waiting for clouds to move, the wind to die down or for passers-by to clear your frame can be an annoyance that you will not have to deal with when working in our Studio.

A studio environment also means that you have easy access to amenities such as air conditioning, food, water, restrooms, makeup and so on. And it’s completely private and secure with plenty of free off-street parking.

Fees are quite moderate and allow you to access superb equipment for no capital outlay.


DRY HIRE (Excludes lighting equipment and accessories) – Studio and Equipment Packages available.
$100 Per Hour (Min. 2hrs)
0 Half Day - 4hrs
$660 Full Day - up to 9hrs

One convenient central location in Winnellie, and only 10 minutes from Darwin or Palmerston.
We can also assist in sourcing professional models or make-up artists should you require one for your shoot.

Studio Accessories available upon request. Hire subject to availability.


  • 2x 500ws Mono Blocs – Bowens Esprit Digital 500DX - 240V

  • 4x 600ws Mono Blocs – Godox WISTRO AD600BM Battery/Portable

  • 2x Godox AD-H600 hand-held head for AD600BM

  • 4x Bowens Pulsar Radio Triggers & Receivers (Included with 500DX lights)

  • 2.4Gz Godox transmitters for (for either Sony, Pentax, Nikon, Canon) (included with a Godox hire)

  • 4 x Colbor CL60 Bi-Colour COB LED Lights, includes 65cm Parabolic Softbox

  • 1x 200cm Octagonal Soft Box with grid

  • 1x 120cm Octagonal Soft Box with grid

  • 1x 50x130cm Rectangular Soft Box with grid

  • 2x Soft Boxes (60cm x 80cm)

  • 2x 100cmWhite Satin shoot through Umbrella

  • 1x silver reflector umbrella

  • 1x 18cm reflector with 10’, 20’, 20’, 30’ Honeycomb grids, colour covers in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White (S-Type)

  • 2x 20cm and 2x 18cm reflectors with barn door, (B/Door optional)

  • 20cm honeycomb and gels

  • 1x 57cm Beauty Dish with Removable honeycomb Grid (S-Type)

  • 1x Snoot (S-Type)

  • 1x 103cm Collapsible Reflector – Silver/Soft Gold

  • 1x 80cm Collapsible Reflector – Silver/Soft Gold/Gold/White/Diffuser

  • 4x 240cm Light Stands

  • 1x portable 3m backdrop stand system (2 x stands and backdrop support tube)

  • 4x Backdrops (Off White, white, Grey. Black)

  • 1.5m Pull-up Green Elgato Screen

  • 1x Heavy Duty Manfrotto 055 Camera Tripod Legs

  • 1 x Manfrotto Grip BallHead 322RC2

  • 1 x Manfrotto MVH500AH Video Fluid Head

  • 1x Standard Duty Velbon Studio Tripod Legs

  • 1x Counterweight Boom and stand

  • Assorted accessories including clamps and attachments, reflector holder

  • Full Length Mirror (upon request)

  • Optional For studio

  • 42” TV/Monitor with HDMI

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